Saturday, August 30, 2008

So here's what's been happening...

...In the past four months or so, I have been MIA. Of course, life still went on and the universe still functioned. But I of course fell off the radar. I found myself diddling on the internet, WAY, WAY too much. So I started to limit the amount of time that I was on the internet, which limited my blogging abilities and since downloading pictures takes time and effort as well...the blog fell behind to other responsibilities in life.

So a brief recap from as far back as I can recall and of course, if I forgot something, sorry, as I remember it, I will input it. Pictures will follow in another post...

In April, we travelled to Vegas, visiting my grandparents and meeting up with my parents. We were also able to see Grandma Gayanne and Aunt Lene. It was a quick visit all together, with very little time to do much of anything...hardly any sight seeing and definitely no time for shopping. SIGH....but there was enough time for a quick coffee break. And what a wonderful experience that was. I was finally able to meet up with an old friend from high school, not just an old friend, but one of my best friends, someone extremely near and dear to me. For most this is a neat experience in of itself, but for me, it was really an exciting experience to be able to reconnect with any one from high school and to be able to see them in person is even that much cooler. Most people live within the same geographical zone of their high school. For me it's 14.000 miles away. And after many years of losing touch, I am now able to remain connected to John, thanks to technology. So yeah for seeing old friends!!!

In late April, again, I was fortunate enough to meet up with another high school friend. And this time we were able to share a meal together at a Singapore hawker style restaurant. It was perfect ambiance as well, just not enough local Singaporeans, but the weather was just that in Singapore, hot and humid. So glad that Steve made the trek up to visit.

At the beginning of May, the kids and I piggybacked a trip to SF with Adam as he attended a training. There we stayed in the city, which was a HUGE treat in of itself, since there is lots of family in the bay area, we hardly ever get to the city much less stay in a hotel. Well, what a treat that was. We met up with my aunt and cousins for dinner in Chinatown. What a feast! We also got to meet up with Adam's parents and spent the day with them at Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. The kids had a great time. The only thing we didn't get to do on our trip was ride the trolley. It was going to be quite a feat managing a stroller and 2 young ones on a trolley. So we opted out. Instead we did all the other touristy awesome! We visited the Butterfly pavillion (took forever to get to...HATE driving in the city), went to Ghiradelli square, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown (where we went to the fortune cookie factory, so cool!) and of course shopping in Union Square.

Happy times in May were soon followed by sadness. As many of you know, my aunt had bravely battled breast cancer for two years. It took us all by surprise, since she hadn't indicated her great pain and discomfort. So the dreaded phone call came, when my cousin called and said its serious, I had to call my parents and give them the news. Many hours later, one by one, my family flew in from all over and stayed vigil by my aunt. Countless hours and praying and finally she was given peace and taken to heaven. Although we miss her dearly here, I know that she is watching over us and finally at peace. I am posting a link to my family's blog that has some video footage of my lovely aunt.

Shortly following my aunt's passing, Adam and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary. Definitely not the way we have ever spent any other anniversary. I was literally laid up in bed from constant morning sickness. Yup...#3 is on its way!

Another whirlwind trip up north as we visited our niece for her college graduation. Four days for the trip and about 20+ hours of driving, all of which is definitely not conducive for a pregnant woman experiencing extreme morning sickness that is aggravated by riding in a car. Wish all my nieces and nephews choose to attend schools much closer to me! Congrats Ashley!!!

The boys finished up school in June and so began our whirlwind summer. Summer for us would be extremely short, since Logan started Kindergarten in mid-August. I need to talk to someone at the school district to see if they clearly understand when summer is over...At the end of June, we participated in VBS (vacation bible school) at the boys' preschool. Once again, VBS was a full week of fun, friends and learning....and of course sheer exhaustion!

Now moving into July...VACATION!!! WOOHOO!!! We made our annual trip out to Houston to visit my parents. And what a blast we had! The kids had a great time and so did we. Really getting some quality time to bond and catch up as a family. The boys sure do love it there. If they could move all their friends with them, they would be there in a heart beat. We were able to celebrate Adam's birthday at a delicious Brazilian churrascaria. YUM! Another treat we got? My parents sent us off on a night away from the kids. It was so nice to be able to wake up on my own terms. We stayed in a restored French mansion in Houston...interesting place.

So we're finally back home, but not for long. The last trip of the summer is to Denver. We started our trip meeting up with MORE of my old friends from high school. That was ever so cool. Sam (and his sister) used to live with us for two years, so we definitely had a lot to catch up on. Kelly was my partner in partying...thank goodness she didn't divulge all my past! After a fun but WAY too short lunch, we headed over to my uncle's restaurant. Such delicious food there! A great treat to be able to spend time with my uncle and aunt and cousins. For the boys, meeting up with their cousins was the highlight of their summer. They just loved it! Dinner time rolls around and the boys are in for a surprise! My parents rolled in. They were so excited to be able to have so much family all around. Adam spent most of the week in the Denver office, while the kids and I spent time with family. In the evenings, the kids were with my parents at my aunt and uncle's house while Adam and I were able to get away for a couple of adult dinners with his team.

Back from Denver, we gear up for another week of VBS, this time at our MOPS church. This week was an extremely busy week, but a great week all together. My girlfriend and I have big roles (that we even had to rehearse for!) that required leading the kids for a portion of their days every day. The funniest part of it all? Watching 2 4+ month pregnant women dancing and pseudo-jumping! What a great week at VBS!

And one more treat before school started...a family favorite (well, for most these Frieds that is) a Dodgers game! This particular story is actually quite funny. My friend John from my high school had tickets to the game through his work and was only in town for the night. I had originally planned to meet up with him at his hotel after the game, but had thought long and hard about the logistics since it would have been a late game, long drive, etc. So jokingly in my head, I said, I should just go to the game and see him there. Well, lo and behold I did just that. A friend had called Adam and offered him field level tickets. I said he should go, but he had to find us tickets. So he found us some nosebleed tickets and to the game we were all headed! So we had Adam sitting at the field level with his buddies, the Young family sitting in the Loge section, John in the suites and me and the boys at the nosebleeds. We just needed to have a friend in the pavillion that night and we would have known someone in every section of the stadium. Most of the game was spent trying to find everyone through the binoculars, with much success. And of course, I did get to meet up with John. He did have to leave the suites to come to the lowly reserve nosebleed section, but it was a great inning that we got to spend catching up. The game of course was great. The boys were awesome...Logan said when the baby came he'd like to come back to a game with just me (not daddy, since he doesn't root for the Dodgers) so he can learn more about baseball. The night ended with me as the designated driver, 2 liquored men, and 2 boys fast asleep. And what would a late night game be without a traditional Tommy's stop? Tommy's definitely hit the spot!

We started school earlier this month, and have since been into the swing of things, but not without another trip! We spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa's house up north visiting with Uncle Marshall (or as Logan called him, Grandpa Marshall) and cousin Dan. The adult Fried boys headed out to Pleasanton for a day at the Good Guys car show. The younger Fried boys didn't understand that a car show was not a TV show on TV or a movie, but rather a bunch (3500+) cars on display for men to oogle and ogle at. Three hours at Chuck E. Cheese's was plenty for the boys, and of course seeing their cousins was a blast.

And that for the most part is where we left least the highlights. It's hard to believe that we just celebrated Jake's 7th birthday and are getting ready to celebrate Peyton's 4th. And after that comes Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving and then the arrival of the newest Fried. With only 4 male Frieds from this family tree, Adam has been able to almost double the Fried population/legacy in just 6 short years. And of course, the blog name doesn't have to change...So that leaves me with my eternal princess crown...and I was hoping to pass it off and trade up for a bigger crown, you know...Queen of it all!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kindergarten...Where did the Time Go?

Today was Logan's first day of Kindergarten. To say it was an emotional day is an understatement.

I guess the emotions started on Monday when we went to school to find out who his teacher will be. Logan had a challenging time when his teacher Miss Mattson asked the students to line up to get ready to go on the playground while the parents stayed in class to listen to what Kindergarten will be all about.

Today, Joie and I swapped with Logan. While he handled his first day like a champ, Joie and I were emotional, while my emotions did not show the way Joie's did it is still shocking to me that Logan is starting Kindergarten. While he did not have any friends he knew in his actual class, he has friends at the school in different classes. We were proud to hear that Logan made 2 friends today in Joshua and Isaac.

I could be wrong although I swear there is Chinese gymnast in his Kindergarten class. I have placed a call to the IOC to make sure they are aware this. I am just not sure if it is He Kexin or Jiang Yuyuan. I knew last night that I recognized them from the Monday event. Look for the U.S. Women to get their rightfully deserved gold medal once I uncover this story.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

U.S. Open of Surfing

Today I was invited (By our friends Mike and Corrie) to take the boys to Huntington Beach for the U.S. Open of Surfing and all the festivities that go along with the event. Joie had to work, and given #3 is still cooking it was probably best she did attend the festivities at "HB." We pretty much spent the whole day down there, arriving around noon, walking to the beach, watching the jr. surf finals from a VIP hospitality tent (thanks to the WB and Corrie). We then took a walk to the skate park that they made for the event and Logan got his first sk8 board lesson by Steve from Skate Lab. We finished the day swimming at Corrie and Mikes hotel and started to drive home around 7:15. A full day of fun in the sun, phenomenal people watching and trying new things.

You are probably wondering where the funny part of this story is, here it is. I knew the boys were going to fall asleep on the way home (70 mile drive) so I quickly found a McD's before getting on the freeway. The boys got their usual Chicken Nugget Happy Meal with milk and apples (No sauce because we were eating in the car). As I am driving on the freeway I am looking in the rear view mirror and I can see Peyton is so tired. Like the previous post, I ask him "Peyton are you tired? Do you want to stop eating?" he responds with "I am not tired Daddy." 3 minutes later and 2 small bites into his 3rd nugget, the little guy is passed out with a chicken nugget in his right hand and a box with 2 nuggets in his lap. Logan looked over at him and saw that his brother passed out with a hand full of nugget and started laughing hysterically.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Just got back from taking the boys to Staples Center for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The name wasn't always that long right? they combined two circus' a few years ago right? We went with our friends Brad and Nancy and their two daughters Hailey and Courtney who are about the same ages as Logan and Peyton.

I don't think I have been to a Circus since I was 8 or 9 years old. I must say it was a good show, thoroughly entertained. Of course anytime I see elephants drop 40 lbs. of dookie all over the floor and piss like a Moen shower head I am going to feel like I got my money's worth. I tried to contain myself during those moments. I wanted to make sure Logan and Peyton were aware, yet I did not want that to be their favorite moment. Luckily the 4 then 5 then 7 motorcycles in the sphere outranks the elephant bombs.

Don't worry, I have a video I took of the activity, it will be posted once I condense the size. I am sure everyone that reads this is very excited about this. I will say it was quite impressive, even Joie thought it was funny that a guy was trying to catch the gigantic brown snowball sized #2 on his shovel.

At any rate, enough disgusting talk. I am going to relax. Anyone want some meatloaf?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Not Tired...

Lately the boys have been fighting us a little bit when it comes to bed time. When it is time to get ready for bed. we usually get the "I'm not tiiiiiiirrrrrrrrreeeeeedddddd, I just want to relax." in that whiney voice that every 3 and 5 year old has perfected. If they only knew that whiney voice is a dead giveaway that it is time for bed. If we can get past bath and book before a meltdown "of epic proportion" then we usually hear the "I'm not tiiiiiirrrrreeeeeddddd" as they are slowing climbing into bed and 30 seconds later all you hear is snoring! These pictures were taken one night which the meltdown was not avoided. Peyton ended up having a meltdown as he did not want to take a shower and go to bed. He cried for a few minutes in his room and before his brother was done in the bath, he passed out on his floor. We eventually moved him, not before taking these pics. I am sure once he goes to college this will only be the begining of pictures taken of him passing out on the floor. At least we did not haze him by shaving an eyebrow or putting shaving cream all of his body.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cleaning, Yardwork and Playtime...Oh Boy!!!

Sunday...for me it is usually a day spent dreading that the weekend is over and it is back to work on Monday. No different on this Sunday, although normally by the time the kids are due for a bath, both Joie and my fuses are very short. Today, however, much different.

It started first thing this morning. Normally on a weekend morning I am woken up with the shout of "DAAAAAADDDDDY I'MMMM AAAAWWWWAAAAKKKKEEE!" Which I don't recommend that anyone should start their day like that. As Logan approaches the milestone age of 5 1/2 we have been stressing to him to look at his clock and if it says 7:00 or later he can just get out of bed and come into our room. Today, it appears that our lesson is paying off. Logan walked into our room and gave me "the tap" the tap that my dad said I used to do when I would walk into my parents room when I had a bad dream in the middle of the night. Logan's tap was greeted with a "Daddy, I'm awake." which is much different then the above. Trust me, it made a world of difference for the entire day.

The rest of the day was spent doing some cleaning, yardwork and playing/relaxing. Logan and Peyton helped Joie and I do some cleaning and straightening in the garage (much needed). Logan had a blast using my Shop Vac to vaccum the cracks in the garage, his shirt, Peyton's shirt and my shorts (it is clear that boys will be boys). Peyton entertained me by blasting "Stomp Rockets" all over our front yard. Watching him jump and land on the stomp pad and seeing his rockets go 20 feet in the air was awesome (Boys will be boys...present company included).

We took a trip to Home Depot (Can't help but think of this clip from Old School when I say Home Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond ) We came home and we did some yardwork (no wallpapering) and the kids helped by gathering the rocks in our planters, pulling weeds and helping me dig holes.

The playing part of the day started in the morning although it was at its peak once on the boys were in their PJ's. Peyton has a big balloon and he and Logan love hitting it around. We came up with our own family game of "Tennis" more like a combo of volleyball, soccer and tennis. Two teams, we set up a line dividing Peyton's room in half we hit the balloon and if it lands on the carpet on Team A's side (Joie and Peyton) then Team B (Adam and Logan) get a point and vice versa. You get the jist...It won't be an Olympic sport till 2016. The kids were laughing, we were laughing it was an awesome way to end vacation and start the week. Of course Joie having to stop play to run to the bathroom to dry heave will always make the kids laugh too. As Logan and Peyton will tell anyone "Seeing Mommy 'spit up' is our favorite!" (once again, boys will be boys).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dinner and the Game

Instead of apologizing for not writing in quite some time I will just get down to business.

Tonight we were sitting down eating dinner. During the NBA Finals we let the kids stay up to watch the Lakers which they enjoy. I am not sure if they actually like watching the Lakers or if they just like staying up late. Tonight was different for a few reasons.

1. We ate dinner in front of the TV on TV trays.
2. We couldn't watch the entire game because it was so depressing.
3. Peyton once again amazed us with a comment unlike any other (Ok so that is not different).

As we were eating our yummy burrito's Peyton tries to be sneeky and snag a chip from Joie's plate. Joie being the sultan of food (I won't call her the food nazi) tells Peyton "No, chips until you eat more of your burrito" to which Peyton responds in a very calm manner with..."You are piss'n me out."

This comment from Mr. P makes me think of only one thing..."What else is he going to learn from those kids on the playground?"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Next Generation

As most of you are aware, I work in the cable industry so I pride myself on knowing how to use a DVR (TIVO), the difference between HD and SD (4:3 vs. 16:9), watching Video On Demand programming etc. You get the jist (if you are not familiar with a DVR or VOD stop reading because the rest will not make sense). Of course Logan and Peyton are also very much aware of these as well. I found out yesterday morning before I went to work just how familiar they are with these technologies.

Logan was in our room and asked to watch TV which I responded with "Get dressed for school and then you can watch TV." Whoever said you shouldn't negotiate with your kids must not have had kids, how is a parent supposed to get through this thing called parenting without negotiating (do tell...).

Logan is getting dressed and I am putting on my socks. He was very worried that I was going to leave for work without turning on the TV for his highness. I was dressed and I turned on the TV (Higgleytown Heroes on Playhouse Disney...gotta give the company its props and promotion, they still sign the checks) before Logan was in my room. Ten seconds later, Logan was in our room and was very distraught that the I turned the TV on before he came in the room. The conversation followed like this:

Logan: "Daddy, rewind the TV."
Me: "Logan, I can't do it on this TV."
Logan: "Yes you can, rewind, start the show over."
Me: "Logan, I can't do it, I can only rewind TV downstairs where the cable box is."
Logan (Now very angry and wimpering): "Your not fair Daddy, why won't you rewind the TV to the begining of the show."
Me: I looked over at Joie and said "this is insane, yet so very funny and interesting to me" I told him once more that I can't rewind upstairs and asked him to look at the remote and tell me which buttons I should push to rewind. At which point I just turned the TV off then on again real quickly and I think he thought the show started over.

On my way to work, I couldn't stop thinking about the conversation. I ended up calling my boss and telling him the story. He was laughing at the whole scenario and he said it would have been a lot funnier if Logan would have said "Hey dad, stop being such a cheap a$$ and pay the extra $12.99 to get the DVR box upstairs so Mr. P and I can watch our shows when we want to watch our shows."

It dawned on me that Logan and Peyton's generation should be coined the "On Demand" generation. Music On Demand with iPod's, TV On Demand with VOD, DVR's, online video On Demand with You Tube and (another plug for the company, they are still paying me you know!). So very interesting! I Should have had Logan and Peyton attend the "How Cable Goes to Market" training that folks from my work attended.

Friday, April 4, 2008

You hit the jackpot!

Obviously its been a while since I last put a post,'s late and I am D-U-N (thank you Natalie BB9!). It maybe a few days until our next few posts...its' almost Spring Break and we're gearing up for our visit with Grandpa and Grandma. Until next time...keep coming back, check out our favorite links, surf the web on Google below, click on any of the ads! Each ad counts and pennies will be added to the boys' college accounts. Imagine what a few pennies a day could add up guessed right! A few pennies a day...well it doesn't matter, just keep clicking away!

No April Foolin' here...

On the car ride down, I taught the boys all about April Fool's day. Didn't play any pranks on them, maybe next year, but talked about silly things like, Here's some coffee for you! HA! April Fool's...they just kept laughing and laughing. They even started to get the idea of it and said, we're going to Disneyland...April Fool's. The big thing in our house is when heading to a not-an-every-day-run-of-the-mill location, it's kept tight lipped. So generally that means, they never know when we are going to Disneyland. So their April Foolin' wasn't so far off...

What do we do for birthdays? We go to Disneyland! In honor of Lene's birthday (happy birthday Aunt Lene') we headed to Disneyland. We actually spent most of our day at California Adventure where we checked out the very cool redone Playhouse Disney Live show. We went on some rides, toured the factories and got samples. We even tried the Bugs Life show, but left during the scary part. The highlight of the day was the new Pixar Party parade. Lots of water (terrific for a hot summer day, not so great for a cool spring evening), we were pretty wet.

Sometimes you wonder why people make and sell certain things... these pictures are proof of one of those times!

It's Tough to Be a Bug! Wearing the special "bug eyes"

Silly faces in the stinky fish net on the wharf

Cars, Cars and more Cars

It absolutely amazes me that boys at very early ages, without any prompting know how to take a car and start rolling its wheels and going vroom...

A boy's interest in cars will never tire (no pun intended). And the visit to the Petersen Auto Museum proves it. Not too sure who had more fun, Logan, Peyton or Grandpa. All in all, it was a lot of fun and the boys couldn't believe all the different kinds of cars they saw from race cars to candy trucks to Cars the movie cars to Hot Wheels to hot rods to old jalopy cars the list goes on and on...they were in awe and are looking forward to going back again.

The boys with Grandpa and Grandma with the REAL Lightning McQueen

Logan on the left, Peyton on the right in the Indy car, note the background...pretty cool!

In front of the yummiest car of all, the candy car!


Well, flag football season is almost over. Yup, 5 weeks have passed just like that! For some reason, the award ceremony did not happen the last week of the season, rather the week before. Adam and I were away at a retreat and the boys were with Grandpa and Grandma. What a treat! They were thrilled to be showing off their trophies. They were just the coolest trophies, since the little football spins around. We do have to have Peyton's trophy redone since Peyton's name is spelled P-E-Y-T-O-N (see video on previous post for clarification) and not spelled Patton...geez, poor guy is probably going to spelling goofs all his life, guess we should have thought about that when we were naming him!

The last game of the season is this Saturday, the boys are so sad. Hopefully it's nothing that a little pizza party can't cure. More on the season in a future the way, not pictured are Adam and I's trophy (coach and team mom). We're thinking of hanging them right as you walk in...just kidding!

How cool is this trophy?

Hurry up and take the picture so I can play with my trophy!

Go Giants!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The joy of gardening

By nature (no pun intended), Adam and I are not gardeners. Our neighbor however is. He loves to go out and trim his identical three tiered privets. Unfortunately for us, we don't have the roundness and eveness of our neighbors plants. The boys were so fascinated watching our neighbor trim the plant that they decided that they too would trim the plants. Voila! There you have it...working hard and having a blast!

Riding on my bike

So if you read the previous post, you'll see that Logan has ditched the training wheels and is now a regular ace on his bike. And you'll also see that Peyton is now a full-fledged pedaler! WOOHOO! Both boys only needing help on their bikes at certain times, in these videos, Logan needs help getting started and his comfort level with the brakes on the bike are minimal, so he just lets the bike fall to the ground when he wants to stop. Peyton only needs help with the uphill, cause it's too hard mommy!

Pretty soon I will have to get ready for the Look Mom, no hands!

When I am bigger, I will have a bike with two wheels too! Until then, I will master the three wheeler and show you I can wave to you.

Been so long...

What a busy, busy few days we have had! WOW! Every day we don't blog, we lose "millions" of readers and "millions" of fans. So to our readers and our fans, we hope you are still with us and we are back! Well, at least sort of...keep reading!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big accomplishments

No pictures just yet for these big accomplishments...stay tuned for future blogs for those. What are the big accomplishments?

Peyton graduated swimming levels and is now a "batray". After months of lessons and months of trying to get the little guy to focus, he finally did it. He finally reached all the skills he needed to be considered a batray. All the swim teachers sang to him...zippidee doo dah, zippidee day, Peyton has plenty of swimming heading his way, zippidee doo dah, he's a Batray! He was so, so proud! And we are too!

Logan graduated down to 2 wheels on his in NO MORE TRAINING WHEELS!!! It started out really as a firm statement, (he thinks he is hot sh** on his bike) so we said, off with the wheels. Well, the gentle (and not so gentle) prodding worked! He is off and running on just two wheels on his bike. He is pretty good, especially for having a go at it for the first time. He can manage to ride about one house length before gravity takes over and wins...the bike goes down and so does Logan. Once again, we are so proud of him!

That's us...just two proud parents of two very proud and accomplished boys!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thinking outside the box

Today started out as any typical Monday, with the hurrying and the scurrying to get out the door on time to get to school in enough time to make it to line up. After dropping off the boys, the rest of the day seemed to flow just like any other Monday, with grocery shopping as a top priority.

After two trips to two different stores to stock our cabinets for the week, it was time to pick up the boys. At pick up they are both so excited and ready to cram three hours of their day into about 8 minutes of drive the same time. This is a usual ritual for us as we head home, we talk about school, where we sat, friends we played with, things we learned, games we played and crafts we made.

On the way home, things panned out a little bit differently. The weather was really nice, so I suggested to Logan that we have a picnic lunch in the backyard at their little picnic table. And the conversation then turns to this...

Logan: Mommy, I have a great idea. How about we have a picnic outside?!?!
Me: That's a great idea. I will make some sandwiches and we can eat outside.
Peyton: Yeah, that's a great idea.
Logan:Oh mommy...I have an even better idea!
Me: You do?
Logan: What about if we have a picnic in our front yard? You could set out the blanket and we can eat outside in the front yard.
Peyton: Yeah! Then we can eat in the front yard too!

So after I made sandwiches, laid out the blanket and set up the umbrella, we headed out front for our picnic lunch. Surely our neighbors think we are neighbor did in fact come over and ask what we were doing. I stated the obvious and she said it looked like fun...wonder if she meant that in a nice way or if she was just being facetious...

Our front yard picnic

Close up of the front yard picnic


Despite all the warnings and threats, the Easter bunny did end up making it to our house this year. Some of you may remember that last year the Easter bunny didn't arrive until after church in an effort to follow through with all the warnings. This year, he loaded the boys up with all kinds of goodies and left them with a vast assortment of eggs for egg hunting.

The day started off with much excitement, with Logan getting up first, peeking out the window and waiting and waiting for Peyton to get up. Once Peyton was up, Logan tells him that the Easter bunny DID come. They both scoped it out from the bedroom window and made mental maps of where to go first. So after much prodding to get dressed and hair combed (which is a novel idea around here for these boys!), we head downstairs and check out the goods. The boys were so excited and couldn't wait to dive into it all...after we got back from church and brunch and playing at the park...then we'll egg hunt.

We met up with the Lavallee family and tried to keep four boys 2-5 years old entertained and content at a very busy Easter service. We managed to keep them contained (for the most part) and to my knowledge, the boys didn't offend any church goers this time around. Off to brunch and again, another big accomplishment keeping these boys entertained. After getting our bellies filled we headed to the park and let them run loose.

Finally we returned home and the egg hunting could begin! The boys had a blast and this year Peyton opened every egg as he retrieved, which made it a little bit longer in the egg hunting process. Logan was quite thoughtful and generous and made sure that Peyton didn't miss getting any of the "special" eggs, like Spiderman, Superman, or "army" eggs.
The Easter bunny sure was generous this year!

The baskets

Logan and Peyton in their Easter outfits. My new favorite picture!

Peyton checking out the contents of every single egg...

Logan with the golden egg!

We hope you all had a great Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Two little bunnies hopped on over to say HAPPY EASTER!
Bunny created courtesy of their preschool.

Easter Egg coloring

So we were BIG slackers this year with egg dying. We didn't get around to egg dying until the day before Easter, although this year's timing couldn't have been better, since well, lots of broken eggs, oh they smell so good.

It started out with a dozen eggs each and finished with each of us making a few eggs. They were really fascinated with the whole process and by the end of egg dying, all the eggs were the same shade of gray. And the only thing differentiating them were the stickers and the stands that they are on. After a long day, the eggs are all done and the boys are ready for Easter bunny!

Ta-daa! The finished eggs
Dying eggs
Peyton egg decorating
Logan so proud of his creations

It's a Good Friday...

So it's Good Friday and the boys have no school, football practice has been cancelled and Adam is off of work early. Adam and I go back and forth, what should we do, should we hang out at home, go to the park, go somewhere, after much input from many, many sources, we are still at a loss. The boys and I decided to go and visit daddy at work, which by the way is almost as good as going to Disneyland for these two boys. From daddy's work, we'll figure out where we're going and what we are going to do. At least that is what we thought we would happen.

We get in the car, drive around aimlessly for a whopping 2 minutes, because with gas at almost $4 a gallon, every mile MUST have a purpose. We decide to take the boys to Griffith Park to ride the ponies and ride the train. I have lived here all my life, for the most part, and have been to Griffith Park a handful of times and this was the very first time (that I can recall) visiting the ponies and riding the train.

The boys thought that this was the absolute COOLEST thing ever and can't wait to come back again soon. So needless to say, we had a great time and thank you to Danielle (and Laura) for the recommendation. The pony ride is by far the best $6 spent yet!

To top it all off, after a full day of fasting for me, our dinner was spent in such good company with my aunt at one of our favorite little dives. Yes it was indeed a Good Friday!

Logan galloping

Peyton's pony going slowly

Waiting for the train to go...WHEEE!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Growing up

I am not so sure what it is in kids, but there is something in them where they always want to do what the grown-ups are doing. Getting married, playing house, washing the car, going grocery shopping, cooking dinner, etc. And these boys are no exception.

The general rule of thumb is when mommy is on the computer, it means that she is working. For Easter, the boys received workbooks, Kindergarten and preschool. The workbooks also have interactive CDs for use on the computers. Now, out of sheer fear, our boys are really rarely on the computer. For starters, there is the whole coordination thing, using the mouse, not pushing the buttons when you aren't supposed to etc. So to their delight, their workbooks have CDs, which means that they can now work on the computer! Each day they ask, can I do my work on the computer yet? I do have to let them use the computer more, now the trick is to monitor them while using their program, since each advance button also allows for a print page button. Logan was so proud when he printed up 4 pages of ink-sucking pictures...we're hoping the Easter bunny will bring us some ink cartridges!

The boys are so observant and realized that my "job" doesn't only exist in the form of computer work, but also in my domestic duties. Now lately whenever I am in the kitchen, I have not one but two look-ee loos trying to figure out how they too can contribute to dinner. So tonight, they did. They were thrilled! Probably should have capitalized on the photo-ops here, but I was WAY too stressed out with having to do double the work with my limited resources in our dinner making. Peyton prepared our steamed broccoli and Logan made the mashed potatoes. During dinner, they boast proudly to daddy that they made dinner, each claiming their delicious concoctions. And without missing a beat, Peyton looks at me and says, "Mommy, what did you make?"...ummm, how about the rest of dinner????

My guys are definitely growing up too fast...if only I could freeze these days!

The chocolate M&M's

So yesterday truly was a HUGE survival feat for me...definitely pat myself on the back several times. I survived (and enjoyed) my first drop off playdate! We had one of Logan's classmates, Ryan, over and one of Peyton's classmates, Lauren, over. Lucky for me they happen to be siblings.

The playdate was interesting, with the two older boys playing together. Mostly the things that boys, super heroes, etc. Peyton and Lauren on the other hand...well, that was a little different. She kept suggesting that everything get married. Peyton sweetly hunted out any girly toys that we may have, such as Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, etc. (Girl figures in some playsets we have.) But Lauren would say Tinkerbell should marry Minnie Mouse. Well, I had to correct her several times, telling her that they can't get married. And instead of just leaving it at that, she'd ask why. After several attempts of going around the issue, I finally gave up and moved onto a different game.

Two hours into the playdate, it's time to move into snack mode. So we select our snacks and devour them within minutes. Little Lauren is asking for more cookies, while I am trying to divert her attention. I know that her mom is taking their older sister out for a treat, (and I previously cleared it with her) so I bring out the how about some candy diversion. I offer each of the kids 2 M&M's...wouldn't want to spoil them! Lauren picks her 2, Ryan selects his 2, brown M&M's because he likes chocolate M&M' what does Logan want? Chocolate M&M's just like Ryan! He takes his chocolate M&M's. Which now leaves us with Peyton picking...he looks in the bowl, sees the bowl (pictured below) and what does he do? FLIPS OUT! There's no more chocolate M&M's!!! I try to explain to him that they are ALL chocolate M&M's, but to no avail, that didn't make a difference. After I was able to calm him down...the diversion was jelly beans. Thank goodness there were no chocolate jelly beans!

And oh yeah...not only did I have 4 kids for 2 and a half hours, shortly after Ryan and Lauren left, I had another 2 kids join us. So for most of the afternoon, I had 4 kids! I think that I did pretty good considering.

Swimming in clothes?

So today marked the completion of safety week at swimming. I had to prep the boys that they would be jumping into the pool with their clothes on, shoes and all. Peyton was quite resistant and didn't want his clothes to get wet. Logan on the other hand couldn't wait. He thought it was the coolest thing to be able to go swimming in clothes. Most of their lesson was done fully clothed, with the last portion done in just bottoms. They had a blast!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 2...Another TD

It is starting to become a habit. I am about to have the conversation with Logan that will go something like this "Logan, when you score a touchdown, just toss the ball to the ref and go about your business. No need for endzone celebrations, dances, cell phones, sharpies...etc. That is for the showboaters. When you score, score with class and act like you have been there before."

Logan was able to score another touchdown this past Saturday against the Jets. Nice run, which he was about to be tackled but he was able to cut back and run to the endzone for the teams 1st score of the game. More impressively was his 8 tackles, 6 for a loss of yardage...not that we keep stats or score, but seriously which dad doesn't keep track of his kids stats?

Peyton is still learning the game, he was a decoy again this week. I am thinking that next week we unleash the secret weapon and let "Thunder" get a carry or two. When I ask him if he wants to carry the ball he used to say "No, I just want to be a decoy." Just now I asked him and he said "Uh Huh!" We will try and get a run on video, and post next week!

Happy St. Patty's day! Joie cooked a mean corned beef and cabbage! Thanks babe!!! I love you!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thumbs Out, Thumbs Up!

It was time for us to visit the dentist. Unlike most kids, our kids LOVE the dentist. Click on the link and you'll get a full tour of the office and you'll see why its so exciting.

Logan couldn't wait to see Dr. Todd to tell him his big, big news since his last dental check up. He gets all excited, runs up to Dr. Todd and says, Can I be up on the board now? Dr. Todd says did you stop sucking your thumbs? Logan says, Of course! So $2, a picture of recognition and a trip to the treasure box make the day all worthwhile.
Cleaning wise, Peyton improved greatly and is now carrying a mouthful of shiny polished pearly whites. Logan on the other hand needs to spend a little more time brushing his teeth a little better, probably letting us brush his teeth a little bit more and he too will be full of shiny pearly whites. Thanks Nancy for the pictures!
It maybe a board of recognition, but it looks more like a board of offenders!

Totally cheesey mug shot!

Dottie "Granny" Heitz

So this post may seem random and well frankly it was. During lunch one day last week, Logan asked me why his Granny had to go to heaven. I was actually quite confused and extremely surprised...I kept thinking, wow...he thinks one of his three grandma's went off to heaven. Clearly this all came out of left I asked him which Granny. And he went on to say the Granny that gave him coins (she gave Logan a silver dollar that will be 100 years old when he turns 18) and had that really great party with the sno-cones and all that food and all of daddy's friends were there. WOW! I quickly figured which Granny he was talking clearly this was a message and reminder for me to keep Granny's memories burning strong. The amazing woman that Granny was, she did not want any of us to remember her in sadness, so she threw herself a HUGE bash visiting with hundreds of friends and families who's lives she has touched to say good-bye. Shortly after this, she did pass on. So may not be in the real world, but you're in a better world, and you are still making the headlines!

That's our granny!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for...

ICE CREAM!!! So the weather has been beautiful and its time to start savoring those moments...I took the boys to Rite Aid for the ever so famous Thrifty's ice cream. I know that I am getting old, and more than ever do I feel it, but it is really bad when I start doing the...I remember when I was a kid stories...and Thrifty's ice cream just really takes me that route. I do remember Thrifty's ice cream being only $0.15 a it's a whopping $1.19 a scoop! It still tastes just as good and it is still the best value for ice cream around here, especially compared to the Ben and Jerry's $3 a scoop, Baskin Robbins $2.29 a scoop and Cold Stone Creamery's $3.50 a creation. The best part about ice cream in our family is just how good the boys make it look. Yummy! And in case you are wondering...there are no pictures of me eating ice cream, because I didn't get one...

Mmmm! Mmmm! Good stuff!

Peyton debating on his plan of should I conquer my ice cream?

Safety Week

A long overdue post, but still worth posting and hopefully reading...last week at swimming, the boys had safety week instead of their regular swimming lessons. This is a really valuable lesson as it teaches the kids what to do when helping someone out of the pool, what to do when you fall into the pool until help comes, etc. Unfortunately for me, I didn't read the signs that said, no showers, keep your clothes on. This is unfortunate, because that means we will now get 2 weeks of safety week instead of one. I say unfortunate instead of fortunate, because that means I have to have a bag of sopping wet clothes and shoes instead of just a bag full of wet towels. The blessing in this is that they will get to see what it is like to be in the pool fully clothed and see how hard it is to swim that way.

Some of the things that they learned to was pulling someone in, using the pool ring to save someone, how to put on a life vest, floating in a life vest and how to position yourself when rescuing someone. Here are some pictures of the boys saving each other.
Logan rescuing Peyton

Peyton pulling in Logan

The boys learning to save their swim teacher, Alex.

Peyton helping Logan out with the noodle

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Zoo

Taking advantage of such beautiful weather, we headed to the zoo. The boys had a blast being chauffeured around in their strollers as they were fed snacks, given drinks, kept shaded and made sure that they were able to have optimum animal viewing. That is definitely the life...why do we have to get older? Why does independence get the better of us?

Anyways, the animals were definitely engaged and moving. We got to the zoo just at feeding time. So the bears were up and playing, the jaguar on the prowl, even the komodo dragon was climbing around in his cage. The boys had lots of fun and really enjoyed spending the day with Kara and Grant.

Glenda the baby gorilla and her mommy Rapunzel. It was here that the daddy gorilla, Kelly, got angry with being an animal on exhibit and started throwing his food very angrily at the lookers (which included us!).

This is the baby giraffe in the nursery that is only 28 days old in this picture. She was born at just FIVE feet tall and 150 pounds! Try giving birth to that sucker!

The entrance to Spider City. I can't stand this dang exhibit, but the boys love it. So this is one of the MANY sacrifices that I do for them...besides chauffeuring them around the zoo!

100th Reader

YEAH!!! We finally reached 100 exciting for our family. Now we aren't Yahoo or Google where you'd get to 100 logger-inners in a milli-second, so 100 readers is a BIG deal for us!! WOO HOO!!!

West Coast Living

So nothing really exciting going on these days...except outstanding weather!!! WOOHOO! All you snow birds, eat your hearts out. Check out my little outdoor weather lady (a gift) photo shopping here.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Giants vs. Steelers - Week 1

It was a beautiful day for football. Sunny 75 degrees with a slight breeze over the field at Cheseborough Park in Valencia, CA. Although it was only week 1, the excitement and energy felt like it was a Super Bowl. You could cut the electricity with a knife. From the moment those little 3, 4 and 5 year olds took the field the cameras were going crazy. Every mom needed a picture of her little star in the making as the players warmed up with Coach Adam before taking the field for this epic showdown.

Me, however, I was as nervous as a sixth grader asking that cute girl to dance at little Matthew's Bar Mitzvah. "Are these guys going to line up? Will they run in the right direction? Will there be a meltdown on the field? Will a parent yell at me because their child didn't get to play running back?" and most importantly "Will Logan and Peyton have fun?" So many questions to be answered. Luckily last night after our final tune up practice before the big game, Joie and I strategized about who should play where (behind every good coach is a very supportive wife). I sent my depth chart to Coach Dan and Coach Kirk and while they responded with "Nice job Coach." It was evident they did not review my plan prior to game time.

Right now you are reading this going "enough hype and build-up, lets hear about the game." I am getting to the game but the hype is half the fun. Things did not start off so good. We lost the coin toss and the Steelers started with the ball and on the first play, Willie Parker...I mean, #3 took it to the house for a touchdown (while we don't keep score in this league, it doesn't take much to figure out we were losing 7 - 0). Now we have the ball and we gained a few yards here and there on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down. Faced with a 4th down and a long way to go, I made a decision that will go down as the best coaching move of the game. I know my kids, I know Logan can run like the wind, I told Logan he was going to be Running Back and I made sure he knew which way to run, I told Tanner McKelvey (BTW, Tanner is a true gamer for playing the game despite being heavily Tylenol'd up to keep his fever down) to hand the ball to Logan. As Tanner received the ball from center, he handed to Logan, Logan bounced it to the left side outside of the tackle, turned the corner and saw nothing but daylight, wide open field and no one was going to catch "FLASH". I am not trying to brag or anything but Logan is one fast little dude! I wish I could have seen my smile as Logan pulled a Forrest Gump and kept running way past the End Zone for his first ever Touchdown! I don't think he stopped running till I gave him a big hug to congratulate him for his awesome run.

Now I am sure some of you are wondering about Peyton. I was so concerned about Peyton, he is the youngest on the team and the feeling was the young guys will lose attention early on and not want to play. Let me tell you about Peyton, he played just about every play of the game. While 4 and 5 year olds were sitting out, Peyton was right there, in the trenches, playing with the big kids. Mostly Peyton played lineman (Offense and Defense), and he did have a couple plays at Running Back, although he was just a "Decoy" (he laughs so hard when I call him a decoy, I think he likes the way the word sounds). My thinking is, we already used one secret weapon this game, you think I want the parents getting pissed because the coach's kids are the only ones that can score? Actually a couple other kids scored but nothing as good as Logan's 30 yard dash. Logan had another awesome run the second time he touched the ball, although he ran out of bounds a couple yards before the end zone.
The kids did awesome. They listened, they lined up, they ran around, they snapped the ball and most importantly, they had FUN! No upset parents, no meltdowns on the field. I am looking forward to our week 2 matchup. I hope we can unleash secret weapon #2. The Jets may get a little taste of "Thunder 'n Lightning"!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Original works of Art

Trying to keep a sick child entertained after the fourth day of indoor confinement is pretty tough. So we are pulling out all the reserves, all the rainy day things and all the things that they never really get to see.

So check these out...they are one of a kind and original works of art from Logan and Peyton. Maybe one day they'll be worth the big bucks...until then, they'll be hanging out with the rest of the art work collection. My opinion may be biased, but they are pretty cool!

Hopefully Logan will be back on track, the doctor didn't seem too concerned, although I am since he's almost finished a WHOLE bottle of Motrin. And perhaps tomorrow we'll be able to make it to the dentist, swimming and football practice. Speaking of football, that should be pretty interesting...8 little boys against 8 little boys, all 3-5 years old, chasing flags, following plays AND passing the football. Um, can you say CHAOS???

Logan's are the two on the left and Peyton's are the two on the right

Another trip, another gift

Well, daddy is gone again...and the boys miss him like crazy and decided that they would make some cookies for him. The neat thing about Adam being in NYC is that they both remember what they saw there last summer and are already asking about going back. Logan is wondering if Adam will see Spiderman in Times Square and if he's going to the giant Toys R Us and has he eaten any hot dogs yet? He asked if Adam is staying in the same hotel room as the one we stayed in. Peyton is wondering if Adam will be riding the giant ferris wheel and which car he'll get to ride, hopefully its not the fire truck, since we wouldn't want him to cry on that one like he did and he wonders if daddy will see the Statue of Lidder-ty.

Logan also asked about Adam's flight, to which Adam replied it was bumpy. And Logan's response, maybe the clouds had some bumps on them or the airplane was running out of gas. Either way, YIKES!

So delicious! Hopefully there will still be some when he gets back...we miss you!