Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This one's for daddy

So not only are we missing Adam, we are camera happy. So either we'll have a lot more posts with videos and pictures or we'll see more posts with less video and pictures so we can spare the general public! Either way, this is the last of tonight's post...

Flashback to October 2005

PS. ¡Gran trabajo en el ESPN Deporta el trato! ¡WOOHOO! (Great job on the ESPN Deportes deal!)

Logan's new idea for technology

Today was a more challenging day for the boys, (which means a challenging day for me) they were both pretty emotional, especially Logan. He didn't want to go into his Moppets room today, since none of his buddies were at school. As we went around asking all the moms of his friends where their kids were, it really hit home for him that his friends were home with their daddies. Not even a cool new lizard shirt from his little Jordyn (thanks Claudine!) could make him happy. So instead, he sat and listened to our speaker and participated in all of the mom activities. He was so well behaved and I couldn't complain, pretty soon he won't want to hang out with me.

After a busy afternoon of swimming and a playdate, we settled down for dinner. I have come to realize that meal time really is our family's favorite time to have great conversation, depending on the day and depending on who is defining great conversation that is. So Peyton with his little Easter placemat says I got a Easter bunny on my placemat. This was a great segue into the whole Easter bunny is watching you and he's pals with Santa Claus, so we better be good, etc. And Peyton finishes with Yeah, he knows I will be good and better, that's why I got the Easter bunny placemat and Logan will not. This then follows into the whole I am good, no your not, yes I am conversation. Again, great conversation depending on who you are.

So finishing up with dinner, we go on to talk about fruits with Logan talking about which ones are his favorites, followed by Peyton rattling off his list of faves. They talk about how not all people like the same things because some people don't like the tastes of some things. Logan then tells us that avocado is a fruit that is good for your brain. I probably haven't said that in at least a half a year...amazing what his little memory holds. Once we move on from fruits Logan sees the camera and says he wants to make a video. I said you want to take a picture? He said no, a video. I wish all pictures were video. I said a video of what? He then says I want to send a message...so we can't do things around here just once, so tonight's double feature is brought to you by Logan and Peyton!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Flying by the seat of our pants...

Well, initially this picture was just a goof around picture, but then I noticed as I was straightening them back up, both boys have little tears in the butt of their pants. Now seeing as they are Fried boys, is it possible that they burned holes in them? I couldn't help but laugh...

Well, daddy is off and on the other side of the country in the freezing cold, it is warm, sunny and filled with blue skies over here! Too bad the day didn't start out that way...as my previous post said, today was kindergarten round-up. And only here in our neck of the woods do we get up at the crack of dawn and stand out in the cold to enroll their child into a lottery for kindergarten. This still puzzles me. I live in a city that charges exorbitant amounts of property taxes AND mello roos, and still my kids are enrolled in a lottery for school...SIGH...well, next week we'll know which school we'll end up in and then at a later date, we'll find out if we will be given morning or afternoon kindergarten.

Part of this enrollment process is a kindergarten readiness test...well so far after checking everything out, I really believe Logan will be ready for kindergarten in the fall. The BIG question is will I? I cried at registration today...one of the only ones that did. It is just such a big, big world out there...and yeah, if I am crying now, come August 13th, I may as well just call it a day for tears. Walking down the hallway to the MPR (multi-purpose room), I realized that my boys will one day walk these halls...alone! I am not so sure when I became one of those moms that wanted to go to school with their kids and wanted to do everything with their kids, but some how I feel like that is how I am some times. Then I go and break up a fight, pick up a ton of toys, complete a task uninterrupted and I remember how much I enjoy my time when the boys are at school and how much more I enjoy them when they come home.

So we come home from pick up and while our lunch was cooking, we ran to the mailbox and found a postcard from their buddy Lucas. Lucas just returned from Maui and on his postcard his mom writes, "...we went on a real submarine ride the other day - saw lots of cool fish even a moray eel." The boys were thrilled to receive mail and a postcard from their very special buddy made it even sweeter. Time for lunch and as we are eating our lunch, our conversation goes like this"

Logan looks at me and says, "Mommy, when can we ride a submarine?"
Me: Well, we ride the submarine at Disneyland.
Peyton:Yeah and see all the cool fish and Nemo, my favorite!!!
Logan: I mean a submarine like Lucas did...
Me: Well, first we have to get to Hawaii. And that won't be for a long time, Hawaii is a very nice trip that takes a lot of savings.
Logan: Oh...
A few moments of pausing, lots of food consumption as his dinosaur chicken nuggets bite each others heads off and then resumes with, "Mommy, when can we go with Grandpa to visit his cousins in Hawaii?"
Obviously he knows who he has wrapped around his little fingers!

Ok, there was still more conversations to be documented about today, but I am just beat down exhausted. I am going on a little over 90 minutes of core sleep with another 60 minutes added on at the break today. PHEW!

On the Road

I write my post from my hotel room in snowy Norwalk, CT. What a long day for Joie and I. Each of us were up at the crack of dawn. Me to catch my 8:15am flight, driver picked me up at 6am. Joie to register Logan for Kindergarten.

Being that I travel somewhat often for work, flying really doesn't bother me like it does other people. What really bothers me is driving in the back seat of the car service town car sedans going to LAX at the crack of dawn. This morning Vladamir picked me up and while I did feel like I was some sort of secret agent on a mission with a Russian spy because when he would talk on the phone in his thick Russian accent he would say "Chess, I have zee client, I vill be drupping heem off een five minutes...zen I vill pick oop zee 8:15 client..." Part of me wanted to continue on the mission with him but I did have my flight to catch. At any rate, it is never a good thing when your driver tells you how he worked all last night during the Oscar's (did you catch any ZZZ's Vladamir?), or when he is checking his phone for text messages (most likely for his next mission).

Needless to say I made it to my flight safe and sound and off to JFK then a 1 hour drive to Norwalk where I was the coherent shuttle driver for 5 of my co-workers. As I type I am hoping that Vladamir has gotten some shut eye for the day. Those 2 second blinks were scaring me a bit. By the way, it is cold as Siberia here, probably should have asked Vladamir how to cope!!!!

And yet another good book!

After watching Peyton on the computer reading his book, Logan figures he wants in on the action...so here he is practicing his BOB books (thank you Hailey and Courtney!). Again, ever so grateful that he wanted this moment on film (especially after my day today, more on this in my next post). They are absolutely very simple and helps teach the reader the basic sounds. So this is Dot, book #3. Logan is EXTREMELY proud he can read this book and reads it often to Peyton. I think that by now he's memorized the story, but every once in a while he'll struggle with the word, so maybe he hasn't...at any rate, enjoy!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Well, yesterday was my first all dayer at work (not that I am not at work when I am home, more of a work that has a monetary compensation type work) and boy was it a LONG day. I missed the boys terribly and was extremely grateful that they were still in one piece when I got home, unless of course you count Peyton's nose-road rash and Logan's bite mark on his cheek (from Peyton). Adam was great with the boys and came out of the day exhausted but alive!

Today was a long day (lot of spats that needed breaking up) of getting ready to run by daddy's office for something. While we were at daddy's office, in between all the rain, no rain, rain again, we were able to catch a glimpse of a really BIG rainbow right outside Adam's window. The boys were estatic that they got to see both ends of the rainbow. This should have lead to some really great stories of leprechauns and pots of gold...but hunger got the best of us, so we opted for a quick view of the rainbow followed by a quick exit.

After leaving daddy's work, which is just about as cool as getting out to Disneyland for the boys, we found ourselves driving around aimlessly until it was dinner time. As we were driving around Logan asked, "Daddy does Chris go to work the same days you do?"...in his world, preschool is only on certain days, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, and some of his friends go to school on the same days he does. We couldn't stop laughing! Then we headed out to eat dinner to "the place with the tortillas" as Peyton requested...have you guessed where yet? Here's a hint, it's not Chinese and it is not a Ford! Of course, we were headed to Chevy's. And tonight instead of bringing home the restaurant cups, the kids wanted to bring home the tortilla dough, which Logan is hoping to be able to bring to school on Friday for his share item.

Once we got home it was hurry, hurry as we got ready for the much anticipated sleep over party. Their sitter is staying the night to help us out in the morning while I sleep in, just kidding...Adam will be off to the airport, while I sit in the cold, cold, early AM cold (have I mentioned it will be cold?) weather waiting to pick up my kindergarten registration packet and register Logan into kindergarten. So I am hoping that the rainbow was some sort of premonition that kindergarten registration will go smoothly with having some sort of happiness at the end of my rainbow...AAACCCKKK! Where has the time gone?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Story time

I am so, so lucky to have caught this on film. This is a glimpse into Peyton's personality, his meticulous ways as well as methodical ways. Usually as soon as Peyton sees the camera out, his demeanor changes and the whole moment is lost. Keep in mind he is not reading upside down, he is reading the story to you, as his teacher reads to him. Enjoy the story! (It took darn long enough to upload....)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Out of the mouth of my babes

A conversation between me and Logan...

Logan: Mommy, when I get bigger, are you going to get "old"?
Me: Well, yeah, I will get older...
Logan: Old like?
Me: Older like your aunts and uncles.
Logan: Oh good!!! That's not old!
Me: Well, what is old?
Logan: Old is like Grandpa and Grandma!!


A conversation between Logan, Peyton and me...

Me: Looks like it is starting to rain again...
Logan: It's going to rain mommy because there are lots of clouds.
(At this point, I am thinking...no **** sherlock...)
He continues: The clouds have lots of moisture and then the moisture turns into rain.
Peyton: Yeah, the sun is hidin'.
Logan: When there are no clouds, it won't rain mommy.
Me: Are you sure? How do you know this?
Logan: Yes, I am sure. I just know mommy.

Clearly several of our local weathermen could take a lesson in preschool meteorology!

Monday, February 18, 2008

We'll be coming 'round the mountains when we come...(sing along, you know you want to!)

So where have we been? To the snow!!! The kids have been counting down the months, weeks and days. Ok, maybe not quite that drastic, but they have been waiting. It took lots of planning and coordinating, especially when 16 of us would be driving from all over California to where we were meeting. There was menus to be planned, items to be shopped for, maps to be read and meeting places to be made. What a busy, busy time it took to plan.

We arrived on Friday and left on Monday. There was lots of fun to be had. The weather was beautiful, providing us with TONS of sunshine and the weather leading up to our trip was great, as there was plenty of snow to be played in.

We managed to secure 2 condos side by side that would fit all 16 of us in a condo community in Shaver Lake, CA. Shaver Lake is east of Fresno and is a very, very small sleepy mountain town. It is near several lakes and in the midst of several Sno-parks. Perfect for sledding and snow play. Our condo was perfect for all of us, with no one having to sleep on the floor. The only thing we would have changed would have been a door that would have allowed us access in between each of the condos without having to leave the other condo.

On Friday, the boys couldn't wait to get out and play. They were so excited seeing all the snow. Logan insisted that it wasn't cold enough to wear a jacket and even without snow boots, he managed to climb around in the snow. Both boys took quick little slips right when we got there, the ground had a lot of icy patches. But they laughed, got up and looked for a different way to get in the snow.

Saturday we all headed up to the sno-park to go sledding. Since it was a holiday weekend, it was a lot busier than normal. We ended up playing at a sno-park for a while then heading to a different sno-park to go sledding. Sledding was so much fun! We found a HUGE mountain to sled down, tons of snow, a good incline, etc. Only problem...having to climb back up the mountain, while pulling a kid in a sled. What a work out! After getting our fill of sledding, we headed back to the condo and played games.

Sunday was another fun filled day at the sno-park. Only this time, we let the boys go down a small hill in their own sleds by themselves. They had such a blast! Logan caught on pretty quick with the routine: hold the sled steady, push off, slide down, LAUGH A LOT, then pull the sled back up the hill. Peyton also got the drill pretty quickly with one exception...pulling his sled up the hill. He was still pretty sure he was supposed to get back in the sled and wait for his "sled-chariot" to be pulled back to the start position. Again, after our fill of sledding, we headed back to the condo for our fill of food and games.

Monday was a much shorter day, especially for Peyton since he woke up at 9:30 AM!!! WOOHOO! The day was spent packing up and playing in the snow outside the condo. So after a pretty eventful day back home, filled with whining and tantrums from our extremely tired kids, we made it back home and have been able to quickly settle back in.

The one thing we all learned was that sledding definitely taps into many, many muscles in your body. Ones that I didn't even know existed! I have discovered that with age that more body parts hurt when they hurt. What a difference a year makes! Last year we would be tired after each day of sledding, but we would get a night of rest and be back up and running. This year, a little bit of a different story. I think by the end of the week my muscles will finally stop aching!

Smile for the camera!

Peyton sitting in his throne as he called it.

Logan throwing snowballs off the huge mountain of snow right outside our door.

Peyton sledding all by himself!

Logan trying the sled as a luge (all by himself!)

Snow Creations

There's nothing like original works of art, especially when they come in the form of snow. Just like a snowflake's own individual originality, each one of these works of art are just that, original!

Peyton with his very own snowman! So proud!

Logan shows us that there's no time for snowmen, there's too much snow to play in!

And the family, minus a few either taking pictures with other cameras or busy eating. Yes, this is a snow-woman. She's definitely all that!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

So we finally had a nice week of weather...trying to be spontaneous, I decided that we would venture off to the zoo for the day and enjoy being outside. BIG mistake...apparently everyone else had the exact same thoughts that I did. So...off we went to Travel Town in Griffith Park. We were looking for a way to be outside and a way to do something free. Mission accomplished!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Speed Spelling

The other night I was able to catch Peyton performing his speed spelling skill. There was no way that a picture or my writing could describe this. Needless to say Logan showed his skill as did Joie...and well I got myself into the mix as well.
While this might not seem funny to you, it is something that Joie and I always can get a good laugh from. Tonight Peyton did a speed rendition of the alphabet. I caught part of it on camera but it just wasn't as good as P-E-Y-T-O-N.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

HUGE Accomplishment...

Almost forgot...Let it be written and noted that on Saturday, February 9, 2008 I, Adam Michael Fried watched the kids all day and did not turn the TV on during that time!!! By the way, as Joie noted, if you have not seen Juno, you gotta go see it. If you don't, I might "punch you in the weiner!"

Kids and Sports

Practice #1 is done. I have a whole new appreciation for the 18 and 19 year olds that teach Soccer at the Soccer Center that Logan and Peyton take classes at. Keeping 3 to 5 year old's attention is tough. So crucial to have a game within the game. Lets just say practice #2 can only get better. I spent Friday night scouring google searches for "flag football drills", "coaching flag football", "creative flag football drills", "youth flag football practice"...and so on and so on, you get the point. I will say this about practice #1, Logan has some wheels. I knew he was not slow, but seeing him with kids his age I could see that the scrappy, skin and bones little guy that eats like a horse can motor. And then Peyton, he reminds me of Bobby Boucher (the player) from Waterboy, we just have to figure out the line that is going to get his motor going...then again, he is only 3 (which is easy to lose sight of at times).

So today, Logan and Peyton had soccer class. Today was a make-up class so we walk on the field and I take Logan to his normal field and Peyton to his. I probably should have double checked the age group of the classes because it did not take me long to figure out that Peyton was in the 4 and 5 year old class and Logan was in the 5 and 6 year old class. Basically, they were both in the next class up then what they should have been in. It was evident when Peyton's class began playing a "real game" and as his teammates kicked-off, he ran to the corner of the field and brought ball #2 into the game..."real games" are not part of Peyton's regular class. I let both of them tough it out with the "bigger" kids. It was good for them, we all need a challenge. Although I will admit that standing there watching both of them being somewhat overmatched was tough to watch. As a parent you want nothing more then to see your kids succeed. That being said, before our next football practice I will make sure Logan and Peyton perfect "Trips LT Y-Zoom 219 H-Swing" so they can have success on the football field since soccer was a bit challenging. "No Peyton, it is only 10:23pm, you can't go to bed till you run your route correctly, the Z receiver runs a 5 yard out, not a 8 yard button hook..."

Playing with food

Ok, so exactly what we tell our kids not to do...it all started with this on date night. We had gone out to watch Juno (OMG! a fantastic movie!!! you have to watch it, I laughed, I cried and I am still thinking of it) and afterwards, we went out to try a new little Japanese joint called Geisha. It was pretty yummy, we decided that we would try to keep this a place of our own, meaning a place we don't take our kids. Which ultimately means, we won't get there very often. Anyways, after our oh-so-yummy sushi, the sushi chef (is he really a chef since he doesn't cook?) presents us with this. We probably looked like the most retarded people, because a) we pulled out the cell phone and began taking pictures and then b) we asked for a box to take it home so we could show the kids. So yes, we're touristy types!

Today we went to Logan's favorite place, the salad bar, otherwise known as Souplantation. I was so excited since this month is their Cajun theme and I was able to indulge in lots of gumbo, absolutely one of my favorite soups. A recent tradition and ongoing unsaid competition of ours is to try to create the largest mini-cone soft serve. Today, I think I won. Each time we come back to the table the kids eyes get bigger and bigger with wonderment and excitement. And of course, in their world, the larger the ice cream=the more they get to eat. Its actually quite funny to see the expressions on other kids there, especially the ones waiting in line behind us at the soft serve machine.

As Peyton says I should share my ice cream so I don't get a bellyache from all that ice cream, so I shared. Peyton has cone #1.

Logan all smiles knowing that he is taking that cone (#2) from me, which again means extra ice cream.

Well that's it for now...no more pictures of food or of us in restaurants taking pictures with our cell phones! At least not for the remainder of the day...until next time!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sailing the seven seas...

Ok, so its not really the 7 seas, but it was a REAL pirate ship...to Peyton that is...

So Peyton gets to be funnier and funnier as he gets older and he knows it. He is constantly saying funny little things, like the "shredder-ator", most of you have one of these in your kitchen, it keeps your food cold or frozen, or he'll say, "Daddy, I have the softest skin, you don't". Although he'll never let you in on it, as he is still rather shy around people. And today, my baby turned that corner for a brief, and do I mean brief, two seconds.

It all started with preschool drop off. I dropped the little guy off at preschool and as you may know, he is a creature of habit. Depending on the day and time, one thing out of the routine could send him into meltdown mode. So today I get him out of the car and give him his backpack with his share toy and snack bag inside. He started to lose it...he didn't want his snack bag in his backpack. So the world must stop for that one brief second as we go and dig out the snack bag. Snack bag recovered and all is well.

Now we continue our walk to school and we see our good friend Griffin. He comes running up, greets the boys and all is well. We carry on with the routine of placing the snack bag in the basket, putting the share toy in the share basket and the backpack in the cubby. Phew...we are now ready to participate in the ritual called the "hand-off to the teacher". Griffin asked Peyton if he wanted to play and (best said with Peyton 's diction) all-of-the-sudden, Miss Nancy was left hanging there waiting for Peyton as he ran off with his buddy to go play! It was a glowing moment for me (and Miss Nancy)...and after two runs around the grass area, he decided that was out of the routine and he went to hunt down Miss Nancy. Oh well! It was fun and glorious while it lasted, even if it was for only 5 minutes.

This afternoon was filled with lots of imagination and creativity. We built a pirate ship, we buried the treasure and of course, we drew out treasure maps. And afterwards, we took our maps and scavenged the island with eye patches, hooks and various pirate tools. Peyton's map is blue (surprise, surprise), Logan's is yellow and of course, mine HAS to be pink, because I am a gurl (misspelled purposely and of course, best when heard in Peyton's diction). We did cross over the stinky mud pit (Logan's idea), went past the heavy machines (Peyton's idea) and we went around the snake pit. We never did find the treasure...guess there's always tomorrow for that!

And with all that independence, creativity and imagining, I would have thought that at our flag football intro gathering, he would have been Mr. Independent...Instead, I got Mr. Cling-on-me...either way, I will take it!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow, as we head out to buy rubber tipped cleats and attend our first flag football practice. It should be interesting! Our team name is the Giants...I was very clear with the boys that we were named (by the parks director) after the football team and NOT the baseball team. Our team expanded to 10 kids for 5 on 5 flag football...it will be interesting to see how our coach manages these VERY rambunctious group of boys. He did show assistant coach daddy some plays that he had in mind to teach them...more pictures and more stories tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh the Things Parents Say...

FROM ADAM: We all know that kids can say the darndest things, but sometimes I have to give Joie and I credit for some of the things we pull out of our you know whats. I have seen Joie divert would be meltdowns with the verbal smoothness of Alan Shore (James Spader from Boston Legal), she is like a surgeon sometimes, poetry in motion. I on the other hand struggle at times, as reasoning with a 3 and 5 year old is not my forte, but when that rare moment comes and I am able to divert a meltdown, damn it feels good...as was the case last night.

As you will read in a previous BLOG from Joie, Logan had his 5 year check up with the doctor and he is so scared of shots. Scared to the point that he nearly didn't fall asleep after I mentioned (to Joie's dismay) that he was going to see Dr. Mike tomorrow. Being sharp as a TB needle, he put one and one together...Dr. Mike=SHOTS!

Logan, laying in bed went on for the next 5 minutes "I hate shots!" "I don't want to see the doctor tomorrow!" "I don't want to get a shot!" "I won't get dressed tomorrow!" You get the point, he wasn't happy. While it did take me 5 minutes I was able to come up with this verbal gem..."Logan, if you want to go to Kindergarten we need to be able show your school that you have all your shots so they know you can't get anyone else sick, you don't want to be the only one of your friends who doesn't go to Kindergarten do you?" Not bad right? It got better. I then went on to talk about things that we all don't like to do but we need to do them because they are good for us...I continued with "you know Logan, like taking out the trash, I don't like doing it but we don't want to live in a house like Uncle Marcus' do we? (The smile was starting to crack) What about the guy that drives the trash truck, think he likes being around trash all day? Without him though we would all live on Mount Trashorama." Pretty good eh? Well, knowing me I did have to take this one step further to make my point to which I said "Do you think I like picking up Jake's (our dog) poop. I don't like doing it but what if I didn't do it? We would have Jake poop all over our backyard and everywhere we stepped we would step in poop. That is not cool and I don't like doing it, but I know it is what I need to do. You think I liked changing your diapers when you were a baby? Not really but I knew it was something I needed to do." That petrified look turned into laughter in a matter of seconds. It was awesome! The lesson learned here is that we should never underestimate the power of a little poo poo talk to divert a meltdown.

Although I was not present to witness the shots, Joie did say she had to stay in the room an extra 10 minutes so other kids would not get freaked out by the screaming. I told Logan I was proud of him for getting his shot and because he got the shot I will continue to take out the trash and pick up Jake's poop....life is good!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Coach Daddy

FROM ADAM: This week marks the begining of an era. The coaching era. Logan and Peyton will be playing flag football and I have volunteered to be the Assistant Coach on their team. I figure some of the best coaches were never superb athletes so I got that going for me. As I sit at work on a conference call in which we are talking about the Super Bowl mixed with ESPNU's coverage of Signing Day (Wednesday, February 6th...shameless plug for the "U") all I can think about is how 3, 4 and 5 year olds are going to run the triple option? Something tells me "PRO LEFT X-CRASH 39 SWEEP" isn't going to resonate? I guess we will stick with the basics the way all guys learned when we were playing 3 on 3 lamp-post to lamp-post, 2 completions for a first down, although, just in case we have a Belicheck in the league, we will be mixing in some mis-direction as part of our week 3 playbook.

I just hope that Brently Young guy can keep his daughter off the sidelines, I don't need any Romo/Simpson distractions for Logan and Peyton...We got a game to play!

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Couldn't resist posting this picture...these two are just characters! They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. On any given day, you'll hear them talking about how much they love their best brother in the whole world or how they never want to play with the other ever again. They are definitely the yin and yang of this family!

Tomorrow's the big day...

This is it, tomorrow is Logan's big day at the pediatricians. He's mortified! He's finally going in for his 5 year well check! Can you believe it? He's 5 already?!?!? Not too sure how that happened, but it did. And what a ride these 5 years have been. It has been a lot of fun, with lots of good times and its fair share of bad times. I am looking to lots more, but wow...I definitely don't want to be writing a post saying Logan is already 10...THAT just might kill me! Here's our little baby when we first met him...

And then this is him 5 years later.

My how he's changed...but one thing is the same...he's still darn cute!

Our Family's first blog!


This is our family's first blog! We hope that we are able to maintain it with new pictures, fun stories, lastest happenings and all the quirky things that happen in our lives. We hope that this will keep you connected to us and that you'll visit the blog often and post to it frequently. Can't wait to see what you think!