Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cleaning, Yardwork and Playtime...Oh Boy!!!

Sunday...for me it is usually a day spent dreading that the weekend is over and it is back to work on Monday. No different on this Sunday, although normally by the time the kids are due for a bath, both Joie and my fuses are very short. Today, however, much different.

It started first thing this morning. Normally on a weekend morning I am woken up with the shout of "DAAAAAADDDDDY I'MMMM AAAAWWWWAAAAKKKKEEE!" Which I don't recommend that anyone should start their day like that. As Logan approaches the milestone age of 5 1/2 we have been stressing to him to look at his clock and if it says 7:00 or later he can just get out of bed and come into our room. Today, it appears that our lesson is paying off. Logan walked into our room and gave me "the tap" the tap that my dad said I used to do when I would walk into my parents room when I had a bad dream in the middle of the night. Logan's tap was greeted with a "Daddy, I'm awake." which is much different then the above. Trust me, it made a world of difference for the entire day.

The rest of the day was spent doing some cleaning, yardwork and playing/relaxing. Logan and Peyton helped Joie and I do some cleaning and straightening in the garage (much needed). Logan had a blast using my Shop Vac to vaccum the cracks in the garage, his shirt, Peyton's shirt and my shorts (it is clear that boys will be boys). Peyton entertained me by blasting "Stomp Rockets" all over our front yard. Watching him jump and land on the stomp pad and seeing his rockets go 20 feet in the air was awesome (Boys will be boys...present company included).

We took a trip to Home Depot (Can't help but think of this clip from Old School when I say Home Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond ) We came home and we did some yardwork (no wallpapering) and the kids helped by gathering the rocks in our planters, pulling weeds and helping me dig holes.

The playing part of the day started in the morning although it was at its peak once on the boys were in their PJ's. Peyton has a big balloon and he and Logan love hitting it around. We came up with our own family game of "Tennis" more like a combo of volleyball, soccer and tennis. Two teams, we set up a line dividing Peyton's room in half we hit the balloon and if it lands on the carpet on Team A's side (Joie and Peyton) then Team B (Adam and Logan) get a point and vice versa. You get the jist...It won't be an Olympic sport till 2016. The kids were laughing, we were laughing it was an awesome way to end vacation and start the week. Of course Joie having to stop play to run to the bathroom to dry heave will always make the kids laugh too. As Logan and Peyton will tell anyone "Seeing Mommy 'spit up' is our favorite!" (once again, boys will be boys).

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