Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dinner and the Game

Instead of apologizing for not writing in quite some time I will just get down to business.

Tonight we were sitting down eating dinner. During the NBA Finals we let the kids stay up to watch the Lakers which they enjoy. I am not sure if they actually like watching the Lakers or if they just like staying up late. Tonight was different for a few reasons.

1. We ate dinner in front of the TV on TV trays.
2. We couldn't watch the entire game because it was so depressing.
3. Peyton once again amazed us with a comment unlike any other (Ok so that is not different).

As we were eating our yummy burrito's Peyton tries to be sneeky and snag a chip from Joie's plate. Joie being the sultan of food (I won't call her the food nazi) tells Peyton "No, chips until you eat more of your burrito" to which Peyton responds in a very calm manner with..."You are piss'n me out."

This comment from Mr. P makes me think of only one thing..."What else is he going to learn from those kids on the playground?"

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Mom/Grammy G said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!! This is just the beginning!!!!