Saturday, July 26, 2008

U.S. Open of Surfing

Today I was invited (By our friends Mike and Corrie) to take the boys to Huntington Beach for the U.S. Open of Surfing and all the festivities that go along with the event. Joie had to work, and given #3 is still cooking it was probably best she did attend the festivities at "HB." We pretty much spent the whole day down there, arriving around noon, walking to the beach, watching the jr. surf finals from a VIP hospitality tent (thanks to the WB and Corrie). We then took a walk to the skate park that they made for the event and Logan got his first sk8 board lesson by Steve from Skate Lab. We finished the day swimming at Corrie and Mikes hotel and started to drive home around 7:15. A full day of fun in the sun, phenomenal people watching and trying new things.

You are probably wondering where the funny part of this story is, here it is. I knew the boys were going to fall asleep on the way home (70 mile drive) so I quickly found a McD's before getting on the freeway. The boys got their usual Chicken Nugget Happy Meal with milk and apples (No sauce because we were eating in the car). As I am driving on the freeway I am looking in the rear view mirror and I can see Peyton is so tired. Like the previous post, I ask him "Peyton are you tired? Do you want to stop eating?" he responds with "I am not tired Daddy." 3 minutes later and 2 small bites into his 3rd nugget, the little guy is passed out with a chicken nugget in his right hand and a box with 2 nuggets in his lap. Logan looked over at him and saw that his brother passed out with a hand full of nugget and started laughing hysterically.