Saturday, August 30, 2008

So here's what's been happening...

...In the past four months or so, I have been MIA. Of course, life still went on and the universe still functioned. But I of course fell off the radar. I found myself diddling on the internet, WAY, WAY too much. So I started to limit the amount of time that I was on the internet, which limited my blogging abilities and since downloading pictures takes time and effort as well...the blog fell behind to other responsibilities in life.

So a brief recap from as far back as I can recall and of course, if I forgot something, sorry, as I remember it, I will input it. Pictures will follow in another post...

In April, we travelled to Vegas, visiting my grandparents and meeting up with my parents. We were also able to see Grandma Gayanne and Aunt Lene. It was a quick visit all together, with very little time to do much of anything...hardly any sight seeing and definitely no time for shopping. SIGH....but there was enough time for a quick coffee break. And what a wonderful experience that was. I was finally able to meet up with an old friend from high school, not just an old friend, but one of my best friends, someone extremely near and dear to me. For most this is a neat experience in of itself, but for me, it was really an exciting experience to be able to reconnect with any one from high school and to be able to see them in person is even that much cooler. Most people live within the same geographical zone of their high school. For me it's 14.000 miles away. And after many years of losing touch, I am now able to remain connected to John, thanks to technology. So yeah for seeing old friends!!!

In late April, again, I was fortunate enough to meet up with another high school friend. And this time we were able to share a meal together at a Singapore hawker style restaurant. It was perfect ambiance as well, just not enough local Singaporeans, but the weather was just that in Singapore, hot and humid. So glad that Steve made the trek up to visit.

At the beginning of May, the kids and I piggybacked a trip to SF with Adam as he attended a training. There we stayed in the city, which was a HUGE treat in of itself, since there is lots of family in the bay area, we hardly ever get to the city much less stay in a hotel. Well, what a treat that was. We met up with my aunt and cousins for dinner in Chinatown. What a feast! We also got to meet up with Adam's parents and spent the day with them at Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. The kids had a great time. The only thing we didn't get to do on our trip was ride the trolley. It was going to be quite a feat managing a stroller and 2 young ones on a trolley. So we opted out. Instead we did all the other touristy awesome! We visited the Butterfly pavillion (took forever to get to...HATE driving in the city), went to Ghiradelli square, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown (where we went to the fortune cookie factory, so cool!) and of course shopping in Union Square.

Happy times in May were soon followed by sadness. As many of you know, my aunt had bravely battled breast cancer for two years. It took us all by surprise, since she hadn't indicated her great pain and discomfort. So the dreaded phone call came, when my cousin called and said its serious, I had to call my parents and give them the news. Many hours later, one by one, my family flew in from all over and stayed vigil by my aunt. Countless hours and praying and finally she was given peace and taken to heaven. Although we miss her dearly here, I know that she is watching over us and finally at peace. I am posting a link to my family's blog that has some video footage of my lovely aunt.

Shortly following my aunt's passing, Adam and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary. Definitely not the way we have ever spent any other anniversary. I was literally laid up in bed from constant morning sickness. Yup...#3 is on its way!

Another whirlwind trip up north as we visited our niece for her college graduation. Four days for the trip and about 20+ hours of driving, all of which is definitely not conducive for a pregnant woman experiencing extreme morning sickness that is aggravated by riding in a car. Wish all my nieces and nephews choose to attend schools much closer to me! Congrats Ashley!!!

The boys finished up school in June and so began our whirlwind summer. Summer for us would be extremely short, since Logan started Kindergarten in mid-August. I need to talk to someone at the school district to see if they clearly understand when summer is over...At the end of June, we participated in VBS (vacation bible school) at the boys' preschool. Once again, VBS was a full week of fun, friends and learning....and of course sheer exhaustion!

Now moving into July...VACATION!!! WOOHOO!!! We made our annual trip out to Houston to visit my parents. And what a blast we had! The kids had a great time and so did we. Really getting some quality time to bond and catch up as a family. The boys sure do love it there. If they could move all their friends with them, they would be there in a heart beat. We were able to celebrate Adam's birthday at a delicious Brazilian churrascaria. YUM! Another treat we got? My parents sent us off on a night away from the kids. It was so nice to be able to wake up on my own terms. We stayed in a restored French mansion in Houston...interesting place.

So we're finally back home, but not for long. The last trip of the summer is to Denver. We started our trip meeting up with MORE of my old friends from high school. That was ever so cool. Sam (and his sister) used to live with us for two years, so we definitely had a lot to catch up on. Kelly was my partner in partying...thank goodness she didn't divulge all my past! After a fun but WAY too short lunch, we headed over to my uncle's restaurant. Such delicious food there! A great treat to be able to spend time with my uncle and aunt and cousins. For the boys, meeting up with their cousins was the highlight of their summer. They just loved it! Dinner time rolls around and the boys are in for a surprise! My parents rolled in. They were so excited to be able to have so much family all around. Adam spent most of the week in the Denver office, while the kids and I spent time with family. In the evenings, the kids were with my parents at my aunt and uncle's house while Adam and I were able to get away for a couple of adult dinners with his team.

Back from Denver, we gear up for another week of VBS, this time at our MOPS church. This week was an extremely busy week, but a great week all together. My girlfriend and I have big roles (that we even had to rehearse for!) that required leading the kids for a portion of their days every day. The funniest part of it all? Watching 2 4+ month pregnant women dancing and pseudo-jumping! What a great week at VBS!

And one more treat before school started...a family favorite (well, for most these Frieds that is) a Dodgers game! This particular story is actually quite funny. My friend John from my high school had tickets to the game through his work and was only in town for the night. I had originally planned to meet up with him at his hotel after the game, but had thought long and hard about the logistics since it would have been a late game, long drive, etc. So jokingly in my head, I said, I should just go to the game and see him there. Well, lo and behold I did just that. A friend had called Adam and offered him field level tickets. I said he should go, but he had to find us tickets. So he found us some nosebleed tickets and to the game we were all headed! So we had Adam sitting at the field level with his buddies, the Young family sitting in the Loge section, John in the suites and me and the boys at the nosebleeds. We just needed to have a friend in the pavillion that night and we would have known someone in every section of the stadium. Most of the game was spent trying to find everyone through the binoculars, with much success. And of course, I did get to meet up with John. He did have to leave the suites to come to the lowly reserve nosebleed section, but it was a great inning that we got to spend catching up. The game of course was great. The boys were awesome...Logan said when the baby came he'd like to come back to a game with just me (not daddy, since he doesn't root for the Dodgers) so he can learn more about baseball. The night ended with me as the designated driver, 2 liquored men, and 2 boys fast asleep. And what would a late night game be without a traditional Tommy's stop? Tommy's definitely hit the spot!

We started school earlier this month, and have since been into the swing of things, but not without another trip! We spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa's house up north visiting with Uncle Marshall (or as Logan called him, Grandpa Marshall) and cousin Dan. The adult Fried boys headed out to Pleasanton for a day at the Good Guys car show. The younger Fried boys didn't understand that a car show was not a TV show on TV or a movie, but rather a bunch (3500+) cars on display for men to oogle and ogle at. Three hours at Chuck E. Cheese's was plenty for the boys, and of course seeing their cousins was a blast.

And that for the most part is where we left least the highlights. It's hard to believe that we just celebrated Jake's 7th birthday and are getting ready to celebrate Peyton's 4th. And after that comes Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving and then the arrival of the newest Fried. With only 4 male Frieds from this family tree, Adam has been able to almost double the Fried population/legacy in just 6 short years. And of course, the blog name doesn't have to change...So that leaves me with my eternal princess crown...and I was hoping to pass it off and trade up for a bigger crown, you know...Queen of it all!


Mom/Grammy G said...

That was wonderful! I sure enjoyed the catch-up!I sure missed you! I cried seeing your Aunt on video. That was SUPER! What a fantastic idea!!! She was a wonderful wonderful woman! Always lots of laughs and good stories! I truly miss her! Now that you are on a roll....don't stop! See ya in a couple weeks for Peyton's birthday!

Mom/Grammy G said...

I miss all of you! I miss your updates very much!!!!! I know you must be busy these days getting ready for "Nun" and all. Give Logan and Peyton a BIG kiss for me!!!